Saturday February 8, 2014

Fixing Chuck's Keyboard Part 3

I've been stuck for a couple of days deciding what to do. A trip to the electronics store and some consultation with some of the old timers there convinced me that while I'm on the right track there may be more involved than I first thought.

I wasn't that surprised. There are a couple of factors I need to take into account:
It was made in Italy 50 years ago, and
It was played pretty hard.

A closer examination of the board reveals other capacitors that may be questionable. The boys at RaElCo think that after 50 years they may be suspect. So armed with a parts list I picked up most of the components of the board. One inductor and one capacitor need to be pulled from the old board to measure their values so I can get new ones. But dealing with these guys (old school technicians; their store is not for the faint-hearted, with narrow aisles and stuff stacked everywhere) is a treat, and it's all in bulk, so prices are low. So far I'm out about $12, and the other parts I need should set me back less than $10.

So I dug out the soldering iron and other tools and started building the board:

Hopefully I'll have all of the available components on it by Sunday and on monday I'll try and sort out the last two items. Then it's just wiring it in and testing it. Stay Tuned!


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