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A blog for me is a dangerous thing. Days, even weeks may go by without a single entry and then I’ll spend half a day catching up by putting random pictures and videos together. Memories may or may not be accurate, photos might be altered, time and space may be bent.
Oh well, such is life....


Monday February 19, 2014
Fixing Chuck's Keyboard Part 7

When we left our hero yesterday he was thinking about a good night's sleep and how he would solve the mystery of the broken coil wire. (Hang on, I have to get out of third-person mode). So I thought about it until sweet slumber overtook me, and came up with a plan. I couldn't start first thing today due to ferrying Logan and Sanaz to the airport but as soon as Bonne and I got home I got busy.


Monday February 18, 2014
Fixing Chuck's Keyboard Part 6

I've finally found the culprit! I suspected all along but got confirmation tonight. The Mystery Component is indeed a coil, and a broken one at that. I mad another trip to RaElCo today to purchase parts for a new board modeled on the Vox Jaguar schematic I found the other night. Although slightly different it looked like it should work without a hitch.


Monday February 17, 2014
Fixing Chuck's Keyboard Part 5

Every now and again I get so excited I think I'm gonna pee my pants and this is one of those times. (Spoiler alert: I went to the bathroom instead).
I was frustrated by my inability to get the board going and the Mystery Component. Many thanks to those who gave their input on what it might be and possible solutions. I'm going to try adjusting the component and see what happens but I now have a Plan B just in case.


Saturday February 15, 2014
Fixing Chuck's Keyboard Part 4

It's been a frustrating week here at Kelly's House of Electronics. I was stalled for a few days trying to get parts and then get the time to put them all together. And on final assembly the new cirtuit board worked...partially. It functioned exactly like the old board, which is to say with everything working except Horns.
Which is where I was when I started.


Saturday February 8, 2014
Fixing Chuck's Keyboard Part 3

I've been stuck for a couple of days deciding what to do. A trip to the electronics store and some consultation with some of the old timers there convinced me that while I'm on the right track there may be more involved than I first thought.

I wasn't that surprised. There are a couple of factors I need to take into account:


Wednesday February 5, 2014
Fixing Chuck's Keyboard Part 2

Day two of our project started around 11 AM. I now had power to the keyboard and was ready to try and get some sound out of it. I plugged it into my guitar amp, turned it on and...nothing.

I was expecting that, actually. The rocker switches that provide the different sounds were stiff


Tuesday February 4, 2014
Fixing Chuck's Keyboard

45 years have gone by but you know, what goes around comes around. Imagine my surprise when after all these years I reconnect with all the members of the old band (although I've yet to hear from Spud or Paul Moro) and there's a hint of "getting the band back together" for a few laughs.