I like making videos, and so I do. Some are cooler than others but I hope you get a kick out of the ones I’ve posted here. All of these were linked to posts at one time or another but I put them all here in case anyone wanted to view them all. You can scroll down and get a short description of each and decide if its to your taste.
Thanks for watching…

I'm building a Hackintosh for Madeline Damiano. Here's the two minute condensed step by step process.

In the summer of 2011 my son Logan and I went on a fishing trip to Idaho. Here's the high spots, all 8:26 of them.

Teaser for the movie "Mother's Grave" which is scheduled for release in 2013. If you would like to view a larger format of this video go here.

I was always talking with Marie and telling her what I was doing during the day in the yard. Finally I decided to make a little video to give her a more visual idea and show her just a little of what you can do with iMovie for the Mac.

A short video (2 min) showing my rebuild of the Hackintosh.  When I want to get my inner geek on this is what I do. I got excited building this....

Another short video, this time featuring Rob, Sara, the twins and Melissa as they frolic in Redfish Lake.

I was in a couple of garage bands back in the 60’s but the best of them was the London Dri. Before the band broke up we did some background music work for a movie, “The Dark Side of Tomorrow”, which was a soft core lesbian exploitation pic. I remembered the name after all these years and looked it up on the Interweb to see if it existed. It did, although the name had changed ( “Just The Two of Us” ), and I thought I’d get a copy to see if our music was still there. Not only was it there, but a second song made it into the movie along with three of my band mates. Since they were playing one of my favorite songs I decided to put that bit up here. L-R in the video it’s Rocco, George & Bruce.

I like making videos. I have to admit that my Mac makes it very easy but also because the finished product sometimes comes out quite nice. I’ve done a movie for Johnny about raft trips he’s taken, another one showing him and some friends running the Salmon by his home in Idaho and a number of shorter videos. The latest one above was made using iMovie’s Trailer feature. It only took about 20 minutes to make and it’s kinda fun.